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"Always on the sure side"


The already long forseeable development in the area of "social media landscape,", with unreflected transferability of personal data and external data from email and handy address books, have now led to its first big scandel..

The alleged misuse of Facebook user data is hopefully  leading  to a growing sensitivity among people  in  the use of social media and sales platforms in the Web.


The Grappt GmbH has developed since  2015 a multi-platform“, which is designed as being free from all advertising, leaving the data of its users entirely in the users' own hands,  +neither to be shared nor exploited with anyone else. +And that is the guaranty of Grappt+.

From free Messenger to personal Clouds, from emergency data storage to the genealogy database, the user independently finances the internet portal with modest amounts via a broad application base. An aggressive collection of user data for the placement of  targeted advertising, or the sale of the data  as '"InternetWare" can therefore not be in the interest of Grappt.


Data protection  and privacy lie at the heart of Grappt and any unwanted networking of location (GPS), buying interests and media data shall not take place.


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Grappt GmbH, Illdorfer Str. 10, D-86666 Burgheim Tel.: 08432-9183 Fax.: 08432-9184 E-mail: Geschäftsführer: Armin Wall Amtsgericht Ingolstadt HRB 7350 Ust-IdNr: DE298610083




Presentation stand (17.03.2018, Kaiserslautern)

1. Health day for children and adolescents with diabetes mellitus Type 1 and people with diabetes mellitus Type 2. 




Diabetes Journal 3-18 (Verlag Kirchheim, 23.02.2018)







Flyer doctors' symposium "20 Jahre Geriatrics Centre Neuburg-Donau" 21.+22.10.2017




Press information (08.09.2017)


Multiplex-Internet portal with online, integrated, emergency data administration

The terms Death – Life – Data – Security are networked comprehensively with each other  on Grappt's website. 

Grappt does not see itself so much as a "social media" platform, but is rather targeted much more as a "private media" one.

The ad-free Internet platform offers a variety of applications und has set itself the target, in performing way beyond the current, available 'niche models in the internet' which are available on the market in this domain.

  • The free genealogy application  constitutes  a simple, easy to manage supplement of the existing genealogy platforms in the Wiki format, since entries without detour can be placed from the users directly, and a databank adjustment in Grappt follows respectively so that multiple entries of deceased persons is avoided.
  • "Never lose a second in an emergency“, is the basic idea of the Emergency QR code application. The current, personal, medical emergency data for doctors and first-in-line helpers, +motor vehicle+-emergency data papers for the fire service department and  self-adjusting emergency contact data are able to be called up without sources of error, by simple scanning with the smartphone. Indestructible  hardware paired with flexible software, secure data storage and variable assignment, mark out a new era in emergency aid.
  • "More than just a name and a date" are highlighted on the grave and memorial QR-Code plaques by Grappt.  Even your own commemorative page can be prepared during your life-time. 
  • The individual, digital legacy in connection with a high security cloud offers security for situations, in which one is no longer the master of his senses. Grappt also regulates your specifications for the time after death.
  • " +There will be noone looking over, or  reading what you write+"..+in this forum provided by Grappt. The reconstructable, high security cloud is not a contradiction in terms.  The access routes for the Sarcophagus are based on people. Thus, the machines of today (Bots) are not yet able to decrypt the data deposited by Grappt users. 


Publication only after consultation with:h

Grappt GmbH, Illdorfer Str. 10, D-86666 Burgheim Tel.: 08432-9183 Fax.: 08432-9184

E-mail: Managing Director: Armin Wall Amtsgericht Ingolstadt HRB 7350